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Introducing Leeki!  Not hard to see why he’s named that.  Made for fun late last night, and he’s now up for adoption. :D


Introducing Leeki!  
Not hard to see why he’s named that.  Made for fun late last night, and he’s now up for adoption. :D

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Lorenzo Nanni born in Italy, is a 34 years old textile artist living and working in Paris. He specialized in embroidery.

 I use natural minerals and materials: felt, silks, cotton fabrics & threads, wools & fibers, glass and precious stones (Quartz, jade…). I use bones too, along with woods, metals and rhodoïds. It was spontaneous for me to choose these types of materials because my pieces are inspired by flora, fauna and anatomy. I have a lot of respect for nature and animals

On my production method, I always begin with a sketch. Then I move to pattern-construction, dying then assembling fibers and finally embroidery. The time of the process can vary from 10 days up to 9 months of work, depending on the objects. Some pieces require 100 hours of embroidering. They are all unique pieces.The use of fiber has never been lost; the textile has always accompanied the painting as a form of decorative art, and has undergone the changes of time and civilization; suffered the influence of shapes, volumes and materials.


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cardiac wallpaper

available here

thx to juliaclementine for showing me :)

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These beautiful moths and butterflies look like they’re ready to flutter up and away, but they won’t be doing so because they’re wonderful textile sculptures painstakingly created by North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita. She sews, embroiders and stitches all sorts of multi-colored fabrics to create these oversized insects, which measure nearly a foot wide. She also adds painted details along with feathers and artificial fur. With great care Okita has achieved an awesome balance between astonishing realism and fanciful invention.

Click here to view more of Yumi Okita’s gorgeous textile insect sculptures.

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Sir Alfred Gilbert



Sir Alfred Gilbert



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Let’s do a roll call!! Where does everyone live?



I’ll start. Tucson, AZ

Oh My God! I have to visit all of you!

I live in Tucson Arizona

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Tricolore Jacket


Les Arts Décoratifs

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